You’ll Not Want To Learn These 5 Lessons Too Late In Life

Regret is generally a bad thing. Who wants to be around anyone with a chip on their shoulders about things that they should have handled years ago. However, we know too well that there are times we realize that we should have learnt some lessons in our younger years. While some lessons are too costly to learn too late in life, we always have the chance to recoup some of our not-so-good choices. There are also times that we plod along not realizing some situations until we land into a major crisis.

How many times do you come to the realization that you could have prevented an undesired occurrence that has suddenly befallen you?

Here are 5 lessons that may be costly to learn too late in life:

1. Don’t make things bigger than they are

We always have a knack for magnifying issues and making our fears grow into terrifying monsters. These monsters are usually small baby dragons that we can squish with our bare hands. How many times have you thought that a given situation would be the end of you? Nevertheless, it is one thing to think this way and quite another to act upon the prevailing whims. We are often told not to make permanent decisions on temporary situations.

2. Stand up to your fears more often

Whether they are justified or not, each of us holds fears of one kind or another. Many of our fears arise out of our perspectives on certain issues. Sometimes, there’s really not anything to face, not in an actual sense. Florence Scovel Shin once said that; “when we stand up to our fears or challenges, they fall off their own weight.” Our fears get their power from us. Cut off the supply! This is a key lesson you’ll not want to learn too late in life. It may keep you from accomplishing your most cherished dreams. Get into the habit of facing up your fears.

3. Small steps add up to the big success

In our younger years, we are burning with ambition, and we want everything to happen at the drop of a hat. Sadly, we carry this mentality even into our adulthood. As the adage goes, “slow but sure wins the race”. Success is usually a collection of small steps that add up to something big. This actually keeps a lot of people from going after their dreams. They imagine that they have to take one big risk or step to achieve their goal.

4. Be present in the here and now

Your present life and all the circumstances are just as important as your future. Your past is less important than your future. The present moment determines your future more than you are willing to admit. In fact, it is often said that you can predict someone’s future by the way they are living their present life. This is a critical lesson that if you learn too late in life, you may miss pivotal moments that could have changed your life.

5. Appreciate everything in your life

Appreciation is one of the key ingredients in happiness. We don’t always get exactly what we hope for; it may be less or sometimes even more. The important thing to do is to appreciate everything we have. The lessons, experiences, people, and all other material things all make up the abundance that surrounds our lives.

Are there other critical lessons that you should not learn too late in life? Share with us in the comments.