With Windows Insider Get the Newest Version of Windows Forever

We have good news for you. You can now test all of the latest features like notifications and bash from your cell phone (android) right away with the Windows Insider program.

Windows insider program

Windows insider program is basically designed to give those adventurous or daring users a chance to test the very latest edition of Windows much earlier than everybody else. The centenary update brings you the darker color scheme, smarter cortana and also full Bash customer and more. The insiders are usually the first ones to receive this feature updates. However, there are a lot of risk factors for untested software for them since they are the ones to test it. The good news is that, with some tweaks insiders can avoid the majority of such risks.

Follow these steps to get registered:

  • The first step is to open the Start menu on your laptop and search for: “Insider.”
  • The next step is to simply click on the “Advanced Windows Update option.”
  • Now you will get the option of “Get started” right under the option of “Get Insider builds”
  • Restart your laptop or PC in order to apply these updates.

After following these steps, now you are now on that insider channel. As new updates roll out, you will get notified about them.

What to do after becoming an insider

Once you become an insider, it does not just mean that you are number one on that list of unpaid updates. The insiders are used by Microsoft to get the feedback on the things like, what is working or running and what is not and also to tweak new features earlier than they are released in public. So, in order to  get yourself involved in this process of feedback, you will need to install another program which is called an Insider Hub. You can install it by following these steps:

  • The first thing is to search in the start menu: “Apps and features.”
  • Then click on “Manage optional features.”
  • After that, click on “Add a feature.”
  • Now, on that list find Insider Hub and click install and it will be installed on your PC.

Nevertheless, if you do not plan to actively contribute feedback, then it is okay to ignore the app. This app has some useful purposes though. They include:

1. Do quests in order to explore the latest features:

Whenever Microsoft adds some new or latest features, you can get Insider quests which will help you to understand how to use a few of them. You do not really have to pursue all the quests, but they are a helpful place to find out about the latest features which most of the people may not have noticed were added.

2. Provide the feedback and also vote on the changes:

This insider program has a feedback app through which you can even browse feedback from others. Also, if you have any issue with windows or you are annoyed by any change then you can most likely find some other person having the same problem. You can then help improve the new version by providing useful feedback

Have you tried and tested the new version of Windows? Share with us your experiences.