Tips To Overcome Negative Thoughts

It takes virtually no time or even effort to fall into unhealthy or harmful thought patterns.  However, visualizing your inside critic can actually be helpful. The journey of life is built around the quality of your thoughts. Therefore, you must learn how to overcome negative thoughts if you are to enjoy your life.

Negative thinking can be of various types. Everyone has their own specific set of negative thoughts or ideas. Here are some common ones:

1. Completely black or white thinking without any grey areas

It refers to the type of thinking in which a person feels completely lost and thinks that he or she cannot do a particular thing in which they failed while every other person can do it. This means that you operate on extremes and you are not able to cut yourself some slack.

2. Mind reading of other people

This is the type or category in which the person just assumes everything or begins to “read” the minds of others. He usually thinks about things like “People think I am very boring” or “They must think that I am stupid,” etc.

3. Totally disappointed

It is the type in which someone throws away every hope. They think that there is no use of trying anything because nothing is going to work.

3. Over generalization

Here, the person generalizes everything a tad too much. If he faces a failure in his relationship, he will think, “my relationship ended therefore I won’t ever meet anybody else.”

3. Disqualifying all the positive things

This is when a person disqualifies almost all the positive things and think about things like, “May be I am a good father, but anyone can actually do that.”

4. Unrealistic expectations

This comes about when a person starts believing in things too much. “I should carry on, even when I am tired.”

5. Drama queen

In this the person behaves a bit overly enthusiastic.

“I cannot find my bag. I am going senile.”

6. ‘Catastrophising’

It is just like  getting perpetually disappointed. The person feels disappointed by everything. “For me nothing is going to work, like never ever.”

7. Self blaming

A person starts blaming themselves for just about everything. “She is mad. It is my fault.”

8. Name calling 

A person starts calling himself or others by different names like “Silly fool.”

How do you overcome negative thoughts?

This is the most difficult part. It is too easy to think about all the negative things but too difficult to overcome them. Whenever such thoughts hit your head, just divert your focus to something else. Go out, take deep breaths, think about all those things you like and which makes you happy.

You could try to do the following things:

  • Don’t assume things. Think positively.
  • Stop trying to figure out what’s inside the head of others.
  • Never blame yourself for anything that is not your fault.
  • Don’t give up. Try again and again until you succeed.
  • Take things lightly and let go of things that you can’t make right.
  • Stop panicking and over reacting. Relax and tell yourself it’s alright, It’s no big deal.
  • Compete with your failures and fail them
  • Stop over-generalizing things. Just because your first relationship failed doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to the next one.

So cut off these negative thoughts and try to give yourself a better life.

Have you had some challenges with overcoming negative thoughts? Share with us in the comments.