Three Habits That Make You Look Unapproachable At Work

If you are constantly being passed over by your colleagues for any fun activities outside the office, you may be coming off as unapproachable at work. It’s time to check yourself if your workmates constantly side-step your desk and talk to someone next to you.

Perhaps your overall work demeanor is one that is off-putting or business-first. If that is the case, it will inevitably color your work mates’ impression of you. Perhaps you are constantly intimidating your colleagues with your head down mannerism each day.

Here are some habits that could be making you unapproachable at work:

1. Always in a mad rush

Moving around at a swift pace might seem normal to you, but to others, it may appear as if you are in a perennial mega rush. Therefore, most people will be reluctant to interrupt you, let alone consider you for any plans or activities outside the office.

If you are constantly in a mad rush, the chances are that you never stick around for happy hour. Therefore, your colleagues don’t even have the faintest of clues on how to include you in anything. You inadvertently create the impression that you do not have the time to spare. Eating lunch at your desk worsens this impression.

It may not be easy, but you should consider changing your routine every now and then. Endeavor to join your colleagues for lunch at the office kitchen every once in a while. Check up on the available social events on offer and always stop to say a few more words than just “hi” to your colleagues whenever you run into them in the hallway.

The idea is to demonstrate that you actually do come up for air on a regular basis. You may be busy and incredibly focused, but you are also not so crazed about work that you are unapproachable at work.

2. You hardly take part in office banter

May be you the office introvert and more often than not, you avoid joining the office banter. Not everyone enjoys office banter. In fact, some employees have a great deal of their interactions with their counterparts because of that shared Excel file. However, you should consider opening up to some of your extroverted colleagues despite your social preferences.

Instead of throwing yourself into a discussion and acting all weird, start small. Initiate a coffee session at the office kitchen with one of your colleagues who will, in turn, be a gateway to the rest of the team members. In fact, it will give you a chance to know someone in a more relaxed environment before you open up to the larger group.

3. You live in your headphones

Music can help you focus and block out distractions. Concentration and focus at work are critical, and for obvious reasons. However, music also makes it difficult for your workmates to strike up a conversation. Having your headphones practically all day repels your colleagues and makes you look quite unapproachable at work. You might as well put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your desk.

Give up the headphones every now and then. It will not only open up chances for colleagues to approach you but also give you a mental break from work.

Finally, do not wait to be included or approached. Become the outgoing person once in a while and initiate a social activity. Reach out to a few colleagues and head out for a drink every now and then. Show them that you are not really unapproachable at work as they might imagine.

What other telltale signs create the impression that you are unapproachable at work? Sound off in the comments section.