Smoking Weed Will Do These 4 Things To Your Body

The subject of marijuana and its health benefits (or lack of them) has sparked a lot of debate among health discussions. It has come up to be among the most polarizing health topics today. Many studies have been conducted to establish whether smoking weed is actually beneficial. Of course, the results were not only debatable but also quite mixed up.

The latest research studies infer that marijuana use is associated with lower responses to rewards. This means that for many marijuana users, the reward centers are somehow “hijacked” by the drug. This means that they need it in order to activate the reward centers just as a non-user would. Additionally, smoking weed is more addictive than we imagine.

Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly side effects of smoking weed (according to science):

1. It impairs creativity

You have probably heard the opposite argument. Musicians, artists, other artsy types have at one point credited marijuana as their source of inspiration. However, scientific studies show otherwise. In one study, people who used marijuana were not able to come up with better and more solutions than those who were given a placebo. Therefore, you might want to put away that joint next time you are brainstorming or looking for creative solutions.

2. It impacts short-term memory

Marijuana users have a bad rep for being forgetful. Many of us believe this to be a myth. However, science has recently unveiled new evidence that confirms this may not be a myth. The study found that former stoners developed brain abnormalities in areas associated with short-term memory. The study participants also scored quite low on memory-related tasks.

According to the study, the brains of pot smokers were unusually shaped and resembled brains damaged by schizophrenia. This, of course, is not an allusion to the that smoking weed causes schizophrenia.

3. It could destroy brain cells

Lighting up a joint could decrease cognitive function. All those jokes about stoners destroying their brain cells could be true after all. Smoking weed also increases the risk of psychotic disorders. The active ingredient in cannabis, THC, can stay in the body for many weeks or even months.

Marijuana smoke contains more cancer-causing substances than regular cigarettes. Some studies estimate that pot contains 50-70% more substances. One cannabis joint may cause as much damage as 5 cigarettes smoked one after the other.

4. Smoking weed can make you socially inept, and poor

According to one research study, people who smoke marijuana for around four or more days per week over many years tend to end up in a lower social class than their parents. They also had less skilled and lower paying jobs as compared to those who did not smoke weed as often.

Smoking weed was also associated with financial woes, antisocial behavior, and more relationship troubles. This, of course, affects productivity and ability to properly work with others or even make more money.

Don’t get caught in the hype. Smoking weed may have some benefits, but over the long term, it may produce undesirable outcomes.

Are there other significant effects of smoking weed we’ve left out? Share with us in the comments.