How To Save Money: 10 Tips For A Normal Family

Save money with a few adjustments in your everyday life. We have collected 10 tips for how you can save money. Changing your bank, buying used books and budgeting are just some of them.

1. Make a good budget

The budget gives you an overview of what you spend your money on. This makes it possible to see if there are some parts of your budget that you can cut.

Gather your receipts for one month and check your bank to see if there are unnecessary spending, you can cut away.

2. Avoid take-out

Fast food and take-out is easy but expensive. Easy meals you can make yourself if you make larger portions and then put them in the freezer. This way you always have easy food when you are short on time.

3. Be critical of unnecessary insurance

Many times you are offered insurance when you buy TV, mobile phone or appliances. If you decide to take the insurance when you buy an item, you can often get a new one if the product breaks. But you have to consider, if it really is a good deal.

Supplementary insurance is an expensive and bad business for the vast majority. If you buy an extra insurance, you risk being double covered. Perhaps you are already covered by the Sale of Goods Act or your home insurance.

4. Find the cheapest insurance

Find the best and cheapest insurance in an online insurance comparison platform comparing nationwide companies.

It is important to have complete control over your insurance needs and your insurance terms. This way you can ensure that you have the right insurance and that you are not paying for more than you need.


5. Save energy when cooking

Use pots with tight-fitting lid, so you reduce the power consumption. Boil your water in a kettle instead of on the stove.

6. Read magazines for free

Magazines, newspapers and magazines can be an expensive item, and you can spend a lot of money on something you may only read one time. The library has most magazines that you can read in the library or bring home free.

7. Find the cheapest bank

Bank change can be a good opportunity to save money. Many will indeed have a cheaper deal at another bank and the banks will make sure to give you discounts if you threaten with leaving them.

8. Negotiate your bank

The interest rate on your bank loan is negotiable. Request a meeting and prepare your arguments well. Ask the bank’s lowest interest rate, and what to do to get it.

9. Buy used stuff

You can often find a lower price for clothing and many other items if you buy them used. Used things you can easily find on the internet. Find, for example:

  • Clothes, shoes and branded
  • Books
  • Building Materials
  • Furniture

10. Stop using fabric softener

It can actually save you quite some money to stop using fabric softener from the supermarket. Vinegar is cheaper and works very well if you think you need an alternative to fabric softener.

Now it is up to you! Let us know if you have any good tips in the comments 🙂