Should You Quit Your Job? Here Are 5 Really Good Reasons

We all have bad our days at work and cycles when our jobs are just hopelessly frustrating. Sometimes, it is just plain boring or even too stressful. It is not uncommon to contemplate quitting. After all, you probably visit a few job sites everyday of the week at the office. However, the lingering question is whether you should quit your job or stick to it till you find another one.
Whether or not you ought to quit your job is a tough judgment call. Many employees are stuck at their current workplaces because they cannot decide if it is the right time to move on. There is a lot of advice on the issue out there, most of which contradictory and even confusing.
On one side of the spectrum, the advice argues for length of tenure, progression and longevity. On the other end, some advice suggests that tenure is in fact negative and that job-hopping has its upsides especially in the modern work environment. Sitting around in a workplace for years in the hope of a promotion can be counterproductive.

Remember, it is not just about the number of years you should stay in an organization. There are other factors to weigh before you quit your job. These include nasty direct managers, colleagues who don’t care about quality, a poor job fit, a lack of purpose or connection, and unsatisfactory pay. When we cannot do the work, we believe in, and that challenges us in a meaningful way, out jobs will not give us the satisfaction we desire.
Rather than tolerate and stick to an enervating environment, here are 5 good reasons to quit your job:

1. You are living with perennial uncertainty

You could argue that all organizations operate within a certain level of uncertainty. However, when your organization is constantly marred in uncertainty to the extent that it becomes the corporate culture, you might want to draw up an exit plan. Such organizations are forever downsizing, in shrinking markets, or constantly up for sale.

It might be a noble thing to stick around a little longer to help with the transition, but you have to also save yourself. Chronic uncertainty can kill all potential opportunities and a perpetual “wait and see” can be wearisome to recover from.

2.Your job is not letting you use or sharpen your skills

Even without a promotion, it is quite helpful to stick around if a job helps you expand and improve your skills. Smaller entrepreneurial companies often provide such environments. Despite the lack of a clear management path, a lot of cross-functional learning takes place. Therefore, such environments will engage employees and supply a lot of challenges and opportunities.
If your job stops providing opportunities to expand your skills and try out new roles, it may want to re-launch your job search.

3. You’ve run into a dead end

There should always be potential at your job. That is the mark of any great organization. If suddenly you find yourself topped out at your current job and with no opportunities for advancement, you should probable start looking. You may like your job so much that you fail to notice that it you’ve hit the dead end and you cannot advance your career.

4.Your job is affecting your health

Stress affects our health in insidious ways and can impact our capacity and productivity. We all experience certain levels of stress from time to time. However, when it becomes unsustainable and begins to take a toll on our health, it is time to quit your job. Your health comes first and if your work is the chief source of stress, it is not worth it.

5.You have already mentally checked out

When you stop innovating, stretching yourself, or bringing energy into your job, chances are that you have already quit your job mentally. You simply don’t care anymore. This might seem like you are having your own private thoughts but it shows on the outside. You become a drag and practically go through the motions as you count the days.
A lack of energy or zeal is bad for your career. Rather than hung your head low all the time, put some energy into finding a job that will ignite your passion all over again.

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