Why Putting Yourself First Is Not A Selfish Act


You are a better human being to others when you are at your emotional, physical, and mental best. About the time you are very busy doing stuff for everyone else, you tend to forget to pay any attention to yourself. You may not see the negative effects in the beginning or even at all, but s soon enough, you will begin breaking down just like that car which has skipped some oil changes. Only then will you realize the importance of putting yourself first.

Now the big question is, why bother? The reason is quite straightforward; not taking good care of yourself can cause too much damage to you as well as to the people around us.

This is an immutable fact, and there are seasons in almost everyone’s lives when you have to put in a disproportionate amount of time on one single thing. Like for example, your work could require you to put together some great project on a quick-approaching deadline. However if you continually operate like that over the long haul, then other important sections of your life will take a hit.

So, if you do not want to suffer from all these issues, here are some potential solutions:

Describe what the word self-care actually means to you

It is different for every person. It could mean that you require sleeping for almost 7-8 hours, eating right amounts of healthy food, exercise, and also have some time for yourself. At first, it may seem selfish but soon enough, and if you take care of yourself, then you will surely do well at the workplace. You will begin to be better with your relationships and also be extra productive at your business or work.

Why Putting Yourself First Is Not A Selfish Act

Create an action plan for yourself.

Once you understand that putting yourself first is a type of preventive maintenance, much like changing the oil in the car, you can then decide to break the status quo. After you get honest with yourself about your current reality, you can plan the things that you require to do differently so as to become better.

Take the action.

Planning actually does feel nice. After you have arranged all the workouts into your calendar, you start to feel like you are already winning. Planning can turn in some wrong sense of achievement or some fancy means of procrastinating. We all know that making a number of clicks on your calendars isn’t equal to taking the particular action. You should follow through by actually doing it!

By setting aside thirty to ninety minutes of the day for some physical exercise, your focus and the levels of energy can be at all time high. And because of it, you will begin to feel that you actually show up in each moment at the workplace and also in your personal life.

If we describe what self-care actually looks like, make some action plan, and then take lots of consistent steps, it can be quite possible for everyone.

So, next time when we are at the junction between our gym and interstate which takes us home. Then we should just turn the wheel towards the best choice for everyone. This particular decision is not made just because you are putting yourself first, but also for the good of others.

Do you struggle with pleasing everyone else at your expense? Do you shudder at the idea of putting yourself first? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share with us in the comments section.