How to Prepare Your House for the Heat This Summer

2016 is predicted to be a remarkably hot one in many regions across the globe. Before summertime gets here in full force, be sure you are ready. You also want to know just how to prepare your house for the heat this summer.

Give your Ac unit a check-up. Now is actually the time for you to be sure that your air cooling is at its best working condition. In case you check your Ac unit and discover that it is not working perfectly then you absolutely require enough time to think up about a simple solution. You’ll need to find a remedy quick enough before the climatic conditions becomes intolerable.

First of all, change the air filter in order to be sure that the entire system works properly. Clean all the debris and dust as well as around the exhausts or vents. You will also need to clean up all the dirt or mud from the central system outside.

After that, test the system itself to in order to be sure that it is performing as required.

Safe Electricity organization states that it is possible to just leave your Air conditioner on when you are away and you will want to also test and check it out. It will definitely work, however if you are looking for a test that is more detailed, then what you can do is switch on the system and then examine its performance with an ordinary thermometer. The Handyman tells: Put the thermometer on that supply register which is nearest to the internal cooling tool. Place it there for almost five to six minutes and also observe the temperature.

Apply the same process at the return vent. That air which is being released needs to be fourteen to twenty degrees cooler as compared to the air heading in. An AC system that isn’t cooling properly to those degrees might be less on refrigerant and also have got leaks. A system cooling above twenty degrees could possibly have some severe obstruction.

In case your system is not functioning very well or efficiently then perhaps it is time for you to contact a professional. They would probably test the system itself and also check your air flow pipes for any possible leaks.

In case you do not have the programmable thermostat, then it may be the best time for you to get one. You can as well count on thermostat, which will do the planning and programming so that you can save the energy and also make you feel comfortable. Based on how frequently you use the air conditioner in summer time, you may reduce your power bill quite a little bit. If your Air conditioner is greater than fifteen to twenty years, then you should think about changing it.

In case you are setting up a window Air conditioner for the very first time, then it is perhaps easier as well as safer to contact an expert. If you desire to do it yourself, the guidelines will differ according to the system and also what type of window you are working with. Usually, you will need to set up the extensions around your unit. Attach it with the brackets and also with the top windowpane and then the extensions as well as seal off the system.

Here are some more descriptive instructions or guidelines:

1. Test out the air flow Leaks

If your Ac system is working properly, it’s great. For those who have leaks in their homes, though, it does not actually matter, due to the fact that properly cooled air is gradually leaking away. If you want, you can contact an expert, however it is not so difficult to deal with your very own home power checkup first.

At first, try to find the main leaks and drafts in the doors and windows. Once you discover any kind of leaks, you will need to seal up them with weather stripping and caulk. Talking about windows, some additional tips through which it is possible to to keep them cooler would be Sunscreen fabric curtain, reflective film, and roller shades, etc.

If you have never checked out the basement or attic insulation of your house, it might have compacted through the years. This means that it is not covering all the things that it should. Test the insulation for gaps and leaks.

2. Establish a hurdle for insects and bugs

Summer season also to brings along the bugs. In most cases, a lot of insects and bugs go into several forms of hibernation in the cooler months. Some other insects or bugs migrate somewhere very warm and comfy to wait out the cooler months. There are others who choose this best solution to keep away from cold and start living at your house. You might find more insects at your place in winter season. Most of these however make their homes inside the attics and walls, the exact places where you are unlikely to see them. The moment it begins warming up, then the insects of summertime will start to come to your place.

There are many solutions to keep insects from arriving in. First, be sure that all the things are perfectly sealed or covered. Check out caulking around the doors and windows. After that, fix or repair any gaps or drafts with new caulking and weather stripping. Spray your outside surroundings with pesticide, as well as baseboards, doors, sinks and windows. There are a number of ways of developing a bug barrier.

3. Alter the direction of the ceiling fan

Indeed, your roof fan is able to rotate in different ways based on the time of year. In winter season, it needs to move clockwise in order to spread heat that is raised. During the summer period, you must run the roof fan counter clockwise in order to have a breeze going.


Do let us know if you have got any other handy tips. We would love to hear you views.