Never Post These 7 Social Media Photos

Our social media photos might seem harmless, but it is important to also watch out what we post. Not all posts are worth putting out there. If anything, we have already seen more than enough social media posting pitfalls. They can have a negative impact, including posing security risks.

Here are 7 photos should never, ever post on social media:

1. Confidential work emails

As a rule of thumb, it is ordinarily a bad idea to bring your workplace issues onto social media, particularly when it comes to confidential documents. The law, in many parts of the world allow people to speak truthfully and freely. However, there are caveats and certain limitations.

If your company sends out a group email announcing an upcoming major development or exciting idea, the last thing you want to do is to share this information on your social media pages. Unless this information is out there in the public, don’t let the competition in on your company’s business moves.

On that note, ranting about your boss, your colleagues, or workplace environment is not smart. It is actually a sure way to lose your job.

2. Work that is not copyrighted

You may be excited about your new story idea or poem and even be tempted to put out a snapshot. Therefore, if you have not yet copyrighted it, and you are looking to submit it to a journal or competition, don’t put it out there among your social media photos.

Posting your hard work and ingenuity online only opens it up for people to copy and even claim it as their own. Ensure everything is first copyrighted before posting online or just wait until it is published so that you can share with your true fans.

3. Boarding pass

Even if you are heading to the Bahamas or some exotic country location, posting a picture of your boarding pass as one of your social media photos is a definite no-no. You are inadvertently displaying additional information about yourself that hackers can use.

You are also informing potential burglars when you leave and when you return. They can now sit back and plan how to get into your house or your property.

4. Your winning lottery ticket

This might come as a shocker, but smart hackers can replicate the scan-able barcode of your winning ticket and relieve you of your winnings. If you must brag about your lottery winnings, don’t put out the ticket among your social media photos. How about a simple message like, “OMG! I WON!”

5. Pictures of money or credit/debit cards

You might as well announce yourself as the perfect target for muggers by putting up social media photos of the cash in your wallet. It is also in bad taste and might also give more financial information such as the name of your bank.

6. Children who are not yours

It might seem like sweet and innocent things to do, but laws are fast changing. In some countries and states, it has become illegal for anyone to take photos of a minor if they are not the parents. Therefore, if you are not posting your own family’s pictures and videos, it is best to seek consent from the parents or agencies before sharing it as one of your social media photos.

7. Birth certificate

Allowing your child’s birth information to fall into the wrong hands can increase the risk of identity theft. A birth certificate is actually a government document and is the core identity document. It will get you a social security number, a driving license, and a passport. If it ends up in wicked hands, it can guarantee constant fraud incidents in the future.

What other social media photos should be an absolute no-no? Sound off in the comments section.