Looking For Love? 5 Types Of Men To Avoid

Finding a suitable mate can be frustrating and sometimes, a bit of a crapshoot. Everyone wants to be happy … and to have a neat love-life with fewer exes. If you are just returning to the dating scene, you might be scratching your head on just what types of men to avoid.
Steer clear of these 5 types of men:

1. Mummy’s favorite boy

This is the sweetest man around. He is kind, affectionate and quite understanding. There will be an instant emotional connection, and he will make you feel like a princess. However, get ready for a threesome of a union. And not the one you’d fancy having, but with a woman, he will likely never get over – his mother!
He will always consult her for business, relationship, investment, and pretty much all other life decisions.
Don’t even think about pushing him to pick a side. Just set in motion your exit plan, that is if you don’t have the patience to watch him “change”.

2. The egomaniac

His confidence and steely persona will sweep you right off your feet. He is incredibly decisive and many times, quite successful. Of course, he will be into successful lovers, but NO ONE anywhere above his own accomplishments. He is hardly ever wrong, and when he is, you’d best not point it out. If you fancy this type of guy, then get ready for the soliloquies and incessant one-way chats about himself and his world.
Well, the inner strength and macho attitude about him will be so appealing and irresistible. However, you will have to fan the flames of his bright-burning glory and ego.

3. The ‘sworn’ bachelor

When you meet this particular bad boy, you will be immediately shocked why any woman hasn’t grabbed his arm and railroaded him down the aisle. He has a charm that is irresistible, a Kryptonite of sorts. One kiss and you will be effectively disarmed!
He will graciously inform you on how the dating world has been unkind to him. He has never found Mrs. Right after all these years. He will, of course, throw in a suggestion that it might be you. This is your cue to run for your life. There will never be a perfect woman for him. You’ll only end up as one leaf of his 950-page hook up book.

4. Mr. fun and adventure

You have probably imagined that this is the kind of guy you need to have in your life. Well, everyone needs adventure and fun in their lives, but that’s not all there is to life. This man will awaken the child in you, and he is all about having ‘mad’ fun. He will persuade you to take the day off so you can go kayaking or the hit the ballpark. He will be off on a trip in a heartbeat.
By the time you meet him, he will have sidestepped a few major responsibilities in his life and ran away from every difficult situation. He is fun to have in your life but if you are looking for someone who will walk with you throughout all situations, then keep looking.

5. Mr. perennial groom

When you meet, he will certainly make a beeline for the aisle. He has NO commitment issues and dating him will feel like an endless honeymoon. There’s only one problem; he will be out of the relationship as soon as the romance fades. He will, of course, find a way to heap the blame on you.
You might want to find out how many times he has been married before and for how long. If he has been married a few times, the chances are that it will happen again. At least get yourself a nice prenuptial agreement if you still want to go ahead with it.

Which other types of men to look out for did we leave out? Call them out in the comments section.