How To Stand Out At A Job Interview If You Already Have The Basics Down

Can you stand out at a job interview? Potential employers get hundreds of job applications every single day. In fact, many of these applications come from candidates who are very well qualified. But, let’s face it, the heap of CVs at the corner is growing. Many applicants are doing the same things over and over.

The familiar steps of applying for a job opening include; write a decent resume, buy a fancy suit, submit the application, attach a cover letter, go for the interview, and then send a thank you email soon after. This is quite neat and simple but, what are the odds that you will stand out a job interview? Almost none. You probably just survived the ‘sieve’ to make the shortlist. No one is likely to remember you after you walk out of the room.

Here are 4 tips on how you can stand out at a job interview (without having to turn into a clown while in the interviewing room):

1. Invest in a suit

All right, this one never gets old. The modern workplace has quickly adjusted into a tattoo-friendly and relaxed apparel trends. You are no longer required to dress up in a suit to check in for work. However, this is only true AFTER you have landed the position. All other candidates will probably dress up to impress. You’d best not be the one that looks like you have come to deliver some pizza. You may stand out at a job interview, but for all the wrong reasons.

2. Consider a professional Resume writer

Studies now show that hiring managers just spend a few seconds looking at your resume. They quickly scan the applicant’s resume in about 10 seconds or less and quickly shove it to the side if it does not ‘spring up’. If they don’t like what they see at first glance, they are unlikely to flip through the rest of the pages.

In fact, hiring managers spend most of their time just confirming that you have met basics like, employment history and academic qualifications among others. A professional resume writer can help make your resume be appealing at first glance. Their fees can be worth nothing if you can stand out at a job interview and eventually land the positions.

3. Create an online portfolio

A digital portfolio will set you ahead of other candidates, and you will definitely stand out at a job interview. This is because many job applicants never bother to have an online portfolio. Hiring managers will be impressed if you can also showcase your work over any other platforms other than the traditional ones.

By so doing, you will be demonstrating your aptitudes as far as navigating the digital corporate world is involved. You will not only stand out at a job interview but will also show that you are comfortable with evolutionary technology.

4. Send a ‘pain letter’ to the hiring manager

Go over the business strategy and operations of the company and pick out a deficiency you’d like to improve. You don’t have to call out every shortcoming, just one or two that you can specifically match with your skills or experience. Then write a letter to the hiring manager emphasizing how you can help solve the problem.

With this approach, you will create genuine interest from the panel and you are likely to stand out at a job interview. Of course, this will also showcase your skills and experience and also answer the perennial question of “what can you bring to the organization?”

Remember, these 4 tips do not replace the basics. They will help you stand out at a job interview if you already have the basics nailed down.

Share with the rest of the gang some of your own tips and tricks in the comments.