How To Fix A Boring Job That You Are Not Yet Ready To Leave

Professionally speaking, you’ve nailed it. You work in a reputable organization, have a great boss, and you work around crazy talent. You make enough money to live a comfortable life and buy and do the all the things you want. On top all these and other perks, you have flexible hours and plenty of vacation time. From a career perspective, life is good. The only problem is that; it is not exciting. In short, you have a boring job.

After doing your job for a little while, it is natural to yearn for more challenges and responsibilities. You may have already spoken to your new manager about this situation but your are still not getting the kind of stimulation you need to get excited about your work.

Many employees are of often caught in this quagmire. They would like to move on and find new opportunities but there is no guarantee that they’ll get the same perks they are currently enjoying. Leaving the organization is a big risk and they are not fully prepared for the potential disruptions that might occur with resignation or finding a new job.

You know you have a boring job when you can find the time to shop for a new cat, googled all the random facts, or play all the online poker games. However, before you jump ship, here are three ways that can help fix that boring job:

1. Solve Problems

Take a long good look at your organization and identify all the trouble spots. Every organization has one or more issues that range from small and practical pain points to larger more strategic issues that have industry-wide implications. Identify an area you can focus on and offer an improvement or a solution. If it is a relatively small issue within your department, get on top of it and fix it up.

If you notice that your team members struggling with the tools at work such as excel spreadsheets, you could share some shortcuts or even offer to teach them privately. Not only will you improve the productivity of your entire team, but also gain a reputation as a smart and solution-oriented colleague.

Sometimes the problem is bigger than you and you wouldn’t dare try to solve it without communicating to the relevant people. However, you can still exert some influence and kick-start the process of finding a solution. Take the initiative and put together a relevant research, write a proposal or even develop a prototype. You can then pitch the idea to your boss. He or she might not adopt the idea, but you’ll demonstrate a sense of awareness and develop your profile, which will be useful in future, considerations.

2. Learn as much as you can

You can always build on your knowledge, no matter how advanced you are. Are there areas you could quickly improve through learning? Instead of just gathering funny cat videos or stockpiling funny GIFs, use that time to learn gather new knowledge. If you cant make it to an in-person training, consider the many online options available.

3. Connect with everyone at the workplace

Instead of spending half of your day googling every weird thing under the sun, make a list of colleagues you’d like to meet or get to know better. Then use your time to build your networks strategically. You will be surprised at how the colleagues you rarely talk to can have valuable insights or even give you fresh perspectives about the organization.

Despite having a boring job, your colleagues might be perennial optimists who are pumped up all year round. That energy may rub off on you if you spend some time with them or when you get to know them beyond their names and titles. You could also identify other people within your industry but different organizations and initiate connections with them. The more people you know the more opportunities you are likely to have.

These three tips can help ‘cure’ your boring job. However, if you are still not excited about your job, then it may be time to get your job search wheels rolling again. A boring job can be a source of perennial frustration and even stress.

Are you excited about your job? Share with us in the comments.