Find Your Passion With These 5 Creative Exercises

The fastest route for entrepreneurs to increase their chances for massive success is to build businesses around their passion. When you find your passion, you will be driven and fired up for success. Therefore, you will need to discover or, depending on where you stand today, rediscover your passion.

But where do you start? Here are 5 creative exercises to help uncover true passion:

1. Make a list of individuals who are where you want to be

Coming up with a unique and out-of-this-world business idea is the exception rather than the norm. Therefore, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Study successful people in your areas of interest and find ways to provide a new or improved twist to the industry.

For instance, people might be bowing out of an industry because of tough times, but you can step in with a new approach and still be successful. Rarely does a whole industry completely crumble. It might experience a revolution but it almost always never dies off completely. Find out how these individuals stay in the game and still come out strong after the turbulence.

2. Make a creativity board

Take a large poster board and place it strategically in one of your productivity rooms. Write the word “New Business” at the top in bold caps. Then create a collage of ideas, pictures, relevant newspaper cuttings, and pretty much all the inspiration you come across in your day-to-day dealings.

Whenever you surround yourself with images of your intentions, you will get fired up to create it. Your awareness and passion will also grow and you will be inspired to take the necessary action.

As your creativity board evolves, you will begin to see the blank spaces and find creative ways to fill them up.

3. Take a break from business thinking

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are trapped in a whirlpool of bottom-line thinking. Taking a mental vacation will refresh your thinking and energize your ideas. You can take up music, poetry, painting, gardening or even a sport. To find your passion, you’ll have to free your mind from all the logical business thinking and just find an activity you enjoy.

We often miss connections between art or nature and our everyday environments. Capture these connections in a journal or diary. They could just be the all-important inspiration for the next big business idea.

4. Revisit your childhood

While this may sound too simplistic, it could just be the key to helping you find your passion. What did you love to do in your younger years? It is amazing how we quickly ditch the things that brought the most joy into our lives. These things could unlock the floodgates of your passion.

Take some time to reflect on your childhood and the things you loved. Make a list of all the things you remember and ask yourself if you would still enjoy each one of them. Could you add onto these things and make a career or business out of them? You can discover just as much in “play” as you would on a regular brainstorming session.

5. Start

Someone once said that “if you have not started, you are not passionate enough.” Its good to have an excellent plan that is well thought out. It is logical to have an excellent business plan and a few investors ready to throw in some money before you begin. However, you should just go out and do what you enjoy without getting too wrapped up on how to monetize it.

Take out your passion or idea and see how it works out there. Then collect feedback on how to improve or refine it. This will help you prepare for official launch or when you are finally ready to turn it into a profitable business.

How else can we discover our passion? Share with us in the comments section.