So You Finally Got Yourself A Twitter Handle. Now What?

You have heard it countless times; if you have a serious business then you should be on Twitter, right? But what of you are one of those people that would never tell a what a twitter handle is if it bit you on your bum?

Twittersphere can be a jungle, but with a bit of knowledge, it doesn’t have to be. You could look at it as a place where companies together with their customers come together to share ideas and pass on vital information.

If you have been watching from the sidelines thus far, these 10 tips should get you up to speed quickly enough Here’s what you can do if you have just gotten yourself a twitter handle;

1. Put up a profile picture

The default “egg” picture when you sign up is a screaming giveaway for newbies. You can put up your business logo or even a photo of yourself but never leave it blank. If you can get a higher quality picture, then you will score extra points.

2. Start following relevant people and brands

To start building an audience and get followers, you’ll have to start following others. Start with relevant brands and people because they are likely to follow back and engage you when you start tweeting. This is the very first step in cultivating long-term relationships.

Remember, you run your own twitter handle. If you don’t like what one of your followers is posting, you can just ‘unfollow’ them. This is the equivalent of ‘unfriending’ someone on Facebook.

3. Start tweeting and infuse some life into your tweets

Naturally, you want to keep selling your products and services. After all, you want to attract new customers or simply tell all your followers what you are about. However, you don’t have to try and sell in all your tweets. You can tweet about a celebrity who happened to visit your store or just a helpful article on how to set goals.

4. Focus on quality tweets rather than quantity of tweets

It’s perfectly okay to have brief moments of silence. If you have nothing to say, don’t say it. However, don’t get off the radar for far too long. Your followers might forget you altogether. You can make a tweeting schedule to help you focus on quality tweets within a set number of times.


5. Go easy on the #hashtags

Hashtags are normally used to keep up with events, social campaigns or trending topics. If you use too many, you’ll come out as a desperado and potentially hurt your brand. Tweets with a huge number of hashtags look like ads or even spam. Your followers will overlook them, and you will get zero engagement. Also, avoid irrelevant hashtags that do not even have a remote connection to your tweets.

6. Interact with others

Don’t ignore people who mention you or retweet your tweets. If one of your followers shares a useful link, comment and let them know. You’ll get noticed and garner a lot of engagement as a result.

On the other hand, don’t fret when someone does not respond to your tweet or mention. People are too busy on social media!

7. Take note of the big days and holidays

If you are unsure, consult your calendar. If it’s Thanksgiving, tweet something relevant. Check out what is trending on that particular day and find something to add onto the conversation.

8. Be extra nice and stay out of Twitter brawls

Unfortunately, some twitter users are simply hellbent on causing trouble. Don’t let your twitter handle get rolled up in online fights and fierce exchanges. Nothing good ever comes from a twitter battle.

9. Stay out of politics

This is a rule of thumb, especially if you are a commercial entity. Politics and political topics are way too touchy and varied. You can quickly land yourself on the wrong end of the discussion with many of your potential clients. Making a punchy statement and being right may cost your brand. Always stay neutral. Its just Twitter and it’s only a marketing tool for your business. No need to try and score some political points with your strong opinions.

10. Be patient

As a business person, you are probably aware that there are no overnight successes. You won’t amass a legion of followers right from the beginning. Don’t go buying followers to try and look popular. That’s usually a waste of your marketing budget. Those kinds of followers are pretty much robots. They don’t care about your products and services and will never engage you.

These 10 tips will help tear off the wrapper on your twitter handle and start you off on a good note.

Do you have a new twitter handle? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section.