How To Eat More and Lose Weight

The reason diet programs do not work is mainly because we connect the pain with the food deprivation. The diet plan means hunger or food cravings, and hunger basically is pain. So, how can anyone become successful on any diet plan when pain or discomfort is the end result? The good news is, that there does exist an alternative way. The real trick is to discover how you can eat more and lose weight at the same time.

The main issue with weight loss plans is the restrictions. Eat a lesser amount of fat. Reduce carbohydrates or sugars. Control your calories. Eat that cabbage soup only. Yuck. Do all these weight loss plans work and provide you the desired results? Maybe they do, but at what cost? When you restrict or minimize your eating habits, your body’s metabolic process shifts to starvation mode. The metabolic process believes that it is starving, and thus becomes much better at keeping or storing fat. That is exactly why most of the people gain much more pounds after they quit dieting.

They already have successfully taught themselves how to maintain or preserve extra fats.

Rather than depriving oneself just to gain more pounds, you can actually decide to reduce your weight as well as maintain it by eating a bit more, so in the end you are able to eat the things you enjoy. This is how it goes:

Consider your whole body system as a fuel tank or container. It is only able to hold or keep a certain amount. And you are allowed to fill up this tank with too much of everything you love or enjoy once you load your tank with a couple of essentials and fundamentals to be sure that it works properly and effectively.

  • Fill your body with seventy percent water containing foods such as vegetables and fruits. It can be quite complicated and difficult to count every food that you’ve had throughout the day, therefore assess every meal separately. Always fill up your bowl with a portion of approximately three-quarters greens to anything else that you desire to eat. Have tasty, sweet fruits rather than deserts made from processed sucrose or sugar. For your morning meal, have your omelets filled with spinach. Everyone is pretty much made of water; therefore present yourself this gift of taking in the maximum amount of water loaded foods.
  • Eat more nuts, beans and legumes. They are quite healthy.
  • Consume plenty of water, and you can also add some lemon to it. You may also combine it with some mint or any other healthy additive that you like
  • Finally do not beat up yourself by over eating the foods you like for example, sweets, meat, or dairy.
  • Whenever you have dairy or meats, just be sure that your bowl is also full of some green leafy veggies.

As usual, we would love to hear from you. Do you agree that you can eat more and lose weight at the same time? Do you have some more interesting weight-loss tips that actually work? Please share with the rest of the gang in the comments section.