Don’t Fall For These 4 Advertising Tricks That Trigger Impulse Purchases

Thanks to some clever advertising tricks, every time you hit the shopping malls, you are likely to return with stuff you didn’t even need. Even a quick window shopping tour can end up with a trip back home with acquisitions that you did not intend and of course, a depleted bank account.

Well, this also has to do with your own attitudes towards shopping, a possible shopping addiction, and a failure to keep your spending appetites on a leash. However, we’ve got to give it to the modern marketing and advertising tricks. They have mastered the art of persuasion, and they know just the right triggers to fire up your impulse buying.

Don’t sit back spellbound and let the marketers set loose the gates of your bank account. Look out for these 4 advertising tricks:

1. Must-haves

Marketers now confidently step up the podiums and announce what we must have – such nerve. The big question is; what exactly will happen if you do not have it? This is really a strategy to appeal to our sense of wanting to have all the essentials. Advertisers hope we’ll spring out of our seats and yell, “Oh shucks! I’ve got to have that!”

Most of the time, we either have that item already or do not need it at all. The chances are that you already have something that gives you the same functionality. In fact, many of the items advertised in this manner are hardly essential, not nearly as much.

2. Love and sex

This is one of the most ubiquitous advertising tricks and one that is so subtle and common that we hardly even notice it. As a matter of fact, it is harder now to think of any other way advertising was done. Sex sells everything, especially the things we don’t really need.

If you are looking to make some objective buying decisions, you’ll need to know how to spot this kind of imagery. These kinds of adverts prey on your insecurities and ‘promise’ to make you more lovable and sexually attractive. Would you still want the product without the sexy half-dressed models, adorable couple, or the blissfully happy family in the background?

3. Discounts on multiples

Let’s say you need two pieces of the same product. I you get both of them for the price of one, or even 50% off on the second one, then that would be considered a bargain. However, and in many cases, you don’t really need two of the same item. That is just a ploy hatched inside the advertisers’ bags of tricks to get you to spend more.

In fact, it would be better off if you wait for a 50% off sale so that you wouldn’t have to buy more than you require. Only then can you be sure that they are desperately trying to offload old stock and not one of their advertising tricks.

4. Time Limits

“Today only!” “While stocks last!”

If you don’t buy right now, you will miss your one and only chance – forever! Unless the desired product is becoming extinct or obsolete, which is highly unlikely, then don’t fall for this trick. In fact, if it is becoming obsolete, you’d better hold off on that purchase so that you can get the new model.

Time limits are one of those advertising tricks that never get old. Marketers and advertisers use them trigger a mad rush for their products. They simply hurl time bombs at you with little time to ‘disarm’ them which means swiping your plastic card.

There are obviously many other advertising tricks that are carefully designed to separate you from your cash in the most subtle of ways. These three are the simplest and least expensive to marketers. Therefore, they are the most commonly employed to trigger impulse buying. Anything easy to get you in the bag will be most preferable.

Have you picked out any other advertising tricks? Send out a warning in the comments section.