5 Reasons Why Cloud Technology Can Make Your life Easier

Here are some effective and simple ideas of how you can use cloud technology to make our to simplify your life:

1. Store your pictures in the cloud

Most of us perhaps already use a variety of social networking sites to share our photos. We mostly do this to share photos with our loved ones. It is unlikely however that you will share ALL those pictures. Therefore, cloud technology has made it easier for us to store up ALL our photos safely in case our gadgets or computers become faulty.

2. Keep our passwords safe

Many cloud applications that allow us to store and generate some passwords for our all accounts, including both business and personal. Because of several different online websites and services, quite often it is very hard to remember all of our various passwords. Also, it’s a security risk to use one same password for our every website. So, with the aim to use the strong passwords which are different for nearly every portal that we use, we can utilize some software tools. These once installed in our computers, help us to save our passwords into the cloud.

3. Take our files with us

If we repeatedly move around to different computers, platforms or offices, especially from our home to the workplace and vice versa. We can take our work or personal files with us wherever we go by putting these files into the cloud. It allows us to, say, the work on our office story at home, then save them to cloud. After that, we can access our work again after two hours from our place of work without having to copy it to the flash drive.

4. Access the files from the variety of devices easily

With cloud technology, our files or photos from our mobile sync to cloud and then immediately sync back with our desktop computer, laptop or tablet on that same time, depending upon the type of the cloud software that we use. It takes hassle out of the internal file or folder sharing between our various devices, thus makes our files immediately available on every device, anywhere we go.

5. Store games and music

With the help of cloud technology, we can safely and easily store our music files online. We can also access these files at any time and from anywhere we want to. And what if you are a gamer? Don’t worry! With the variety of several tools which are available today, you can store your saved game statuses, sync skins plus the achievements from a variety of games in the cloud. Also, if we have to setup our drive or several of our files get infected on our local storage, we can simply reinstall that game, after that restore our saved files. And then continue playing our favorite. Awesome, huh?

Cloud technology has come quite a long way, and most of the software solutions and file sharing technologies have moved to the cloud. Cloud technology has particularly allowed for synchronization across several devices which simplifies collaboration and working in team projects.

In what other ways has cloud technology simplified your life? Share your experiences in the comments.