8 Ways To Identify A Narcissist Around You

You have probably encountered a narcissist. Perhaps you did not know how to define the behavior or the person. These are the people who will always find a way to redirect the conversation back to themselves. It could be a workmate, friend, or family member that thinks they are smarter, more beautiful, and generally better than you at almost everything. Sometimes, it is not easy to identify a narcissist around you.

Here are 8 sure ways to spot a narcissist:

1. They think they are the smartest people on earth

As obvious as this may appear, sometimes narcissists are subtle about it. They may try to reveal something innovative, unique, or creative but in the process, remind you that no other person is like them. Many of them will usually go overboard and exaggerate the accomplishment just to try and set themselves on an imaginary pedestal.

Note that creative, smart and successful people don’t go shouting about their achievements everywhere they go, let alone exaggerate them.

2. They can be found in leadership roles

One place you can easily identify a narcissist is in leadership roles. Narcissists often find themselves in leadership roles because they are usually the kind of people that want to be on the forefront.

This does not necessarily make them great leaders but since they badly want to do it, they are more likely to be in those positions.

3. They always belittle the people around them

Since narcissists always want to inflate their sense of importance and value, it only follows that they have to constantly belittle you. Anything or anybody that threatens this position is often a target of their belittling acts. They may do this in a sweet and subtle way like using a joke or humorous comment. It may seem like a harmless little comment but to them, it is a well-aimed live bullet.

4. They like nice things

One of the hallmark signs of narcissists is the incredible desire to display a high status. This is often done using material things, which they will even go out of their way to acquire. Therefore, they will always want to have the best of everything, the pricier and more prestigious, the better for them.

Not everyone who is materialistic or is a shopaholic is necessarily a narcissist. However, you can identify a narcissist by their description of the product, which often emphasizes prestige and status. A materialistic person is likely to tell you what a good deal they got or if it was on sale.

5. Appearance is everything

We all want to look great and be physically attractive. However, one way to identify a narcissist is to consider someone to whom appearance is everything. When everything else including comfort and convenience becomes secondary, you are likely dealing with a narcissist.

6. They are strongly averse to criticism

No one likes criticism, as useful as it can be. We all receive criticism throughout out our lifetime. Narcissists, however, are hypersensitive when criticized. They may react or even become quite shattered by the simplest of criticisms.

7. They are great at first impressions.

Narcissists tend to have the first impression hurdle nailed down. They are quite likable at first glance. However, that is just an effective trick to draw you in before they take off the mask.

They perform very well at job interviews, and they have a positive and amiable personality at the beginning.

8. They have zero empathy

Narcissists don’t care. They come up with an idea and run with it, not caring how it will affect anyone. They are hell-bent on their accomplishments and many times, couldn’t be bothered if they hurt someone along the way.

What other signs did we leave out? Sound off in the comments.