8 Things Your Partner Will Start Doing Right Before A Break Up

The end of a relationship can be down right nasty. Sometimes, you can easily tell when a partner is on their way out or drifting away. Other times, you can be so deep in love or even so engrossed in making things work out that you fail to pick up on any signs. In either case, it would be great to pick up the telltale signs right before a break up.

However, note that it is merely not about sudden personality changes or behavior changes. Sometimes, issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, and other problems can also lead your partner to sudden changes. They may not be inching their way out of the door and may just need help or therapy. In fact, in these circumstances, it is always best to just confront them and ask.

Your partner is likely to do the following things right before a break up:

1. They stop confiding in you

This is a critical sign. When your partner does not let you in on the important or personal issues, they may have stopped considering you as a long time partner. They probably know that you won’t stick around that long and as a result, have emotionally ‘downgraded’ you.

You will know this to be the case when you hear about important aspects of their lives from other people. When you are no longer the first person on their speed dial when something major happens in their life, they may well be on their way out.

2. They pick fights for no reason

If your partner is hell bent on picking out fights or arguments even when no one is at fault, a break up is imminent. In fact, it may be a sign that he or she is trying to persuade you that the relationship has no future or that there in no staying power.

3. Everything you do is suddenly annoying

When your partner suddenly becomes too irritable or is always lashing out at everything you do, he or she may be bottling up feelings of a break up. Once in a while, everyone gets grumpy. But we usually shake it off and get on with our normal life. However, if you find yourself getting on his or her last nerve every other time, there is a looming break up.

4. You’ve stopped getting intimate

A sudden loss of interest or any physical intimacy between lovers may be a sign that they are trying to detach themselves physically. Perhaps they are already tuned out emotionally, and they also want to do so physically. It may also be a sign that they are already interested in someone else.

5.”We need to talk”

Constant need to ‘talk’ or discuss problems in the relationship can be a sign of a break up. It is, of course, healthy to talk about certain issues in a relationship. However, if they are too frequent or they come further down the road, they might be making “building their case” for a break up.

6.Slowly start texting or spending more time with other people

If you get a feeling that they are talking to someone else a lot, and they are not really cheating, they may be setting themselves up for the break up.

7. They stop making plans with you

This is a standard giveaway. There would be a break up looming if you are no longer part of their plans, especially if you used to hang out a lot. If they are finding every excuse not to see you, they are probably just putting off “the break up talk”.

8. They have asked for space

This is a trick one. It could be that they just want some alone time to find out how they feel away from you. On the other hand, they might be breaking up and simply do not want to confront you directly.

What are other telltale signs of a break up? Share with us in the comments section.