8 Small Tips for a Happy Relationship

Today, it is rather the exception than the rule that people stay together an entire life. In fact, half of all marriages end up in divorces. However, often people break up because of things that can be prevented – and you would be surprised how small acts of kindness and concern can save a relationship. Below, we have compiled 8 small tips to increase the chances of your relationship lasting a lifetime!

1. Listen

It sounds simple to “listen”, but when you live busy lives and perhaps both work while also having to take care of friends, pets, kids and other family members, you tend to forget listening to each other. Often, just the act of listening with eye contact and acknowledging that you have heard the other person is enough – you do not necessarily have to fix your partner’s problems.

2. Be kind and show gratitude

Try to accept all of the small things that might irritate you with your partner. Remember to smile and tell your partner how grateful you are for all of their positive sides. If you are having a hard time remembering the positive sides that you once fell in love with, try to imagine life without your partner if he/she disappeared tomorrow. What would you miss the most?

3. Be a team

Forget old gender stereotypes and embrace all parts of life together. Make sure to take the dishes together, take turns in changing diapers, buying gifts for family members and surprising each other – unless of course you both want to remain in gender stereotypes or in a different way divide tasks between you. Do whatever works for you, just remember to be a team.

4. Give compliments

Remember to give compliments to your partner’s looks and life achievements. Even though you have seen each other a thousand times and might have gotten used to the looks of your partner, remember to tell him/her how beautiful or handsome he/she looks. Comment on the small things; the way your partner smiles when laughing or your partner’s beautiful body.

5. The three magic words

Remember to tell each other the three magic words: “I love you”. Don’t ever overdo it. “I love you” should never be used too much so it becomes a tradition rather than a special saying – and never say “I love you” when you do not mean it (e.g. when you are mad). Save the true “I love you”‘s for special occassions.

6. Apologize

Never be afraid to apologize – even though you feel that you haven’t done something wrong. You should always be ready to apologize, because no matter what you think, you have hurt the other person – and that you can always apologize for.

7. Support your partner

Support your partner in everything he/she does. Always give kind advice, but if your partner decides to go for something, do you best to support them and make their dreams come true.

8. Ask for your partner’s opinion

Remember to ask for your partner’s opinion – both for the small things in life, but especially when making bigger decisions. This is important when acting as a team together. Listen to your partner and always wait with making important decisions until you have discussed them and potential implications together.

Start using these 8 small tips above to make your relationship better today. If you have any to add, we would love to hear from you in the comments!