8 Creativity Exercises To Help You Crush Your Creativity Block

As an entrepreneur, running a successful business requires way more than knowledge, dedication and grit. With the changing business landscape and increasingly new obstacles, entrepreneurs now require lots of creativity. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find yourself in a creativity slump.

Here are a few creativity exercises that will spark your creative flames all over again:

1. Take a vacation

That’s right. Do it. When was the last time you had a real vacation? Bright ideas often spring up outside of your working environments. Your creative juices might not be flowing because the day-to-day running of your business has clogged up your mind up.

It might be a crucial time in your business and you may not have the luxury to take off for a couple of days. However, even a weekend off with family or friends can do the trick.

2. Disengage

The very idea that you should completely disengage from your business for any amount of time is horrifying. However, taking time to disconnect from work is a sure way to reopen the floodgates of creativity and new energy. That space between work and yourself is one of the most powerful and potent creativity exercises.

In fact, those brief moments in between work and rest represent the holy grail of creativity. Remember Isaac Newton and the apple? Sure you do. Take a little stroll out in the woods and you could just return with a revolutionary idea.

3. Read

It is very easy to get caught up in only reading what is related to your industry or relevant to your work. However, this does not do much for your creativity. It just helps to expand your knowledge and keep you abreast as far as your industry is concerned.

4. Find some inspiration from your customers

Your clients can be a source of inspiration. After all, they look at your products and services from the outside in and they can provide valuable insights to spark your creativity. Even calling up a client for a telephone chat can stir up your creativity juices.

Since customers are on the application side of your products, their experiences could help spark new ideas and creative ways to improve your products and services. Some customers have more creative ways to tweak your products to their own specific needs. This can be a great source of creativity for your business.

5. Have regular meetings to bounce ideas off each other

Apart from the customers, employees also have a slightly different perspective of your business than you do. Therefore, a regular idea-generation and simulation meeting can help keep the creativity flowing.

On the other hand, your employees will be extra motivated because their voice and their ideas matter. You will inadvertently spark creativity across the entire organization and which is incredibly vital to its success.

6. Reach out for advice from unlikely places

This is one of the most effective creativity exercises. Soliciting advice from the most unlikely places can and has produced the best ideas. Many times, someone or something outside of your organization or even industry can be the key to your creativity block.

7. Pray, meditate, and exercise

You don’t have to be the spiritual type of person to draw from the incredible benefits of these soulful practices. It so happens that whenever we try too hard to become more creative, we slump further into our creativity block. A few moments of stillness and calmness slows down our minds and gets our creativity juices flowing.

A nice workout, walk, or jogging session can have a similar effect. Exercise relaxes and clears your mind, allowing you more access to your mental capabilities.

8. Check in with your mission statement

Your mission statement helps you to remain focused on the “why” part of your business. This creates new energy and a renewed sense of inspiration to keep doing what you do. However, many entrepreneurs just write mission statements and then quickly put them away to focus on the actual day-to-day activities.

Pull up your mission statement (the “why”) regularly so that you can be inspired to creatively develop the “what.”

What other creativity exercises have worked for you? Share with us in the comments section.