Here Are 7 Warning Signs That You Are Unhealthy

The word “unhealthy” can be an incredibly vague term. If you put up a few extra pounds, people might refer to you as being unhealthy. If you are underweight or simply have a poor diet, you might still be referred to as unhealthy. Nevertheless, the striking thing about that word is the fact that there may be some serious concerns about our overall physical and mental integrity. Therefore, you may not want some warning signs that you are unhealthy.

If you’ve been living a carefree life of eating virtually anything that presents itself and getting no exercise, it may not come as a surprise if you are unhealthy. Many people somehow figure out how to silence the nagging voice in the back of our conscience that nudges us towards a healthy lifestyle. Ignorance, in this case, does not count. There’s now a wealth of information on how to stay in shape and eat healthy, including the reasons.

Therefore, you may probably already have a vague idea if you have crossed the line and you are walking on the unhealthy side. If it still seems complex to you, here are 7 warning signs that you are unhealthy:

1. Bathroom issues

What is the color of your urine and how frequently do you visit the John? Those two questions alone can give you a rough idea if you are treading on dangerous ground with your health. Your urine should be a pale yellow color and should not have an odor, at least not a strong and pungent one. If you have frequent visits to the John, then you are probably in good health, even though the frequency table is wide.

2. Chapped lips

If you constantly have to rely on lip balm to keep your lips moist, your body might be telling you something. Having chapped lips is one of the warning signs that you are unhealthy because it indicates a deficiency of vitamins. Therefore, you’ll need to stir up your diet so that you can get the vitamins you need.

3. Insomnia

When you can’t seem to fall asleep at night, your life may require some fundamental readjustments. Perhaps you do not expend enough energy during the day are eating the wrong foods. Ingesting a lot of caffeine late in the day can also give you sleep problems. If not checked, lack of good quality sleep can lead to more health issues.

4. Bad skin

The condition of your skin is an important warning about the state of your health. While some people may struggle with skin conditions such as acne for a long time, your skin quality could be a warning sign that you are unhealthy. In fact, a poor diet alone can impact the overall condition of your skin.

5. Body temperature fluctuations

Icy feet and hands may mean that you have blood circulation issues or cardiovascular problems. Your body may not be pumping blood where it needs to go. Therefore, if it persists for a while, you may want to have it checked out.

6. Bad fingernails and toenails

Your fingernails and your toenails can also act as a warning sign that you are unhealthy. Discolorations, ridges, and bumps should all be red flags. Don’t ignore them.

7. A cloudy mind

The health of your brain is to a great extent, tied to your physical condition. Therefore, some physical conditions such as obesity can have an impact on your cognitive abilities.

What are other warning signs that you are unhealthy? Give us a heads up in the comments section.