7 Surprising Things People Use To Judge Your Personality

People rarely spend as much attention to you as much as they’d like to think they do. But wait, don’t heave a sigh of relief as yet, you must also know that they will pay attention given the right triggers or motivations. People will use seemingly insignificant things like your outfit, your hairstyle, and your walking style to judge your personality.

Whether it is a job interview or even a first date, emerging research has shown surprising elements that people use to judge your personality. When you meet someone for the first time, you will, many times unconsciously, try to assess someone’s personality and look out for qualities such as honesty, kindness or level of intelligence. This kind of judgment can be quite useful.

Here are 7 things people use to judge your personality:

1. Eye Contact

We think of people who avoid eye contact or cannot keep steady eye contact as generally weak-willed and lacking in self-control. On the other hand, extroverted people tend to give more eye contact and for longer as compared to extroverts. Therefore, people who look into your eyes are often more confident and socially dominant than those do not.

2. Your handshake

Your handshake can reveal certain elements of your personality. A limp handshake could indicate a less confident personality or someone who is most likely to seek the easiest way out. On the other hand, a strong and firm handshake usually reflects a strong personality and a confident character. These people will usually have a more extroverted personality, are more emotionally expressive and less likely to shy off.

3. Your punctuality

Showing up early or late for a meeting can form either a negative or a positive impression. People will judge your personality based on your punctuality or tardiness. Punctual people come out as self-motivated and mentally organized people whereas people who show up late may come out as more laid back.

4. Your handwriting

People may also use your handwriting to judge your personality. For instance, people with larger handwriting tend are more social and outgoing. On the other hand, smaller handwriting can suggest introversion. Those who take things more seriously or are usually stubborn in nature may put more pressure on the pen and paper.

5. Your walking style

Walking loosely is normally linked with a sense of adventure and extroversion. While you may not usually see yourself in this light, it is still used to judge your personality. People who are more high-strung are likely to walk quickly.

6. How often you check your phone

When you keep pulling out your phone throughout a conversation, you will appear as lacking in respect, listening skills and even willpower. People may judge your personality based on this action as being less emotionally stable and a lack of self-control.

7. Biting your nails

Perfectionists tend to bite their nails, pull their hair, or pick their skin. It is usually an indication that they are unable to relax and get a hold of themselves. It is a sign that they are usually nervous, overwhelmed and not in control. Psychologists also suggest that it is also indicative of people who “eat away at themselves.”

You need not be too self-conscious next time you are meeting someone for the first time. One way or another, people will judge your personality because the human brain is wired to judge.

How do you judge someone’s personality? Is it normally accurate? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.