7 Surefire Methods To Improve Your Creativity

You have probably read a lot of ideas on how to improve your creativity and chances are that, you can’t keep up with all the ideas. One moment you are adjusting the lighting or temperatures in your room while the other one you are putting off all the creative work until you are knackered.

Let’s face it; it’s hard to remember everything you need to do to improve your creativity. Frankly, it is such a hurdle to remember at what point you should be doing your most creative work.

These 7 surefire methods should help you get it all straight and help you generate more ideas:

1. Ambient noise levels

We all imagine that silence is the best sound for creative thinking. However, ambient noise levels are just right for creativity. Unlike the two extremes, loud music and silence, ambient noise levels are perfect for the creative process and can significantly improve your creativity.

The much-hallowed silence only helps to sharpen our focus. Therefore, it is only ideal for detail-oriented or intense problem-solving tasks. On the other hand, creative thinking requires the type of ambient sound that you may find in a coffee joint. This promotes broader thinking and generation of new ideas.

2. Realize that nothing is original

Creativity is about coming up with completely original and never before seen ideas, right? Wrong. It is really just about establishing new connections between already existing ideas. This is wonderful because it is suddenly not that scary. After all, we can all find connections between already existing things, right? Right.

3. Traveling abroad may improve your creativity

Cultural norms and many other societal elements differ across countries. Although the research is still small and new, it still shows that people who travel score higher in creativity tests than those who do not travel.

4. Dim lighting makes us feel more liberated

It can be quite frustrating working in dark rooms when you need to focus. Many people like to have a lot of natural light in their workspaces. However, emerging research now proves that dim lighting can improve your creativity. Dim lighting around you triggers a subconscious feeling of being freer to explore which is key when it comes to creativity.

5. Your brain does more creative work when you are tired

Creative insights stem from releasing our minds wander into seemingly unrelated areas. This is completely different from solving analytical problems. We like to identify ourselves as either morning larks or night owls and in turn, curve out our productive moments from certain sections of the day.

However, creative thinking actually works better during our non-optimal moments of the day. If you are the night owl kind, you are likely to be more creative in the morning and if you are a morning lark, late evenings could be a great source of creative insights.

Tired brains struggle focus on one thing as well as filtering distractions. Therefore, it is likely to wander off in tangents. This might seem like a bad or unproductive thing, but creativity thrives on distractions and random thoughts. You might actually be better at “thinking outside the box” at your non-optimal times.

6. Constraints can stir up your creativity

Creativity requires a lot of space and freedom, right? Again, wrong. Constraints can actually work to improve your creativity. They remove the overwhelm that comes with having too many choices. Boundaries of space and boundaries of time can significantly increase creative output.

7. Being sleepy can make you more creative

The period of immediately coming out of sleep is known as the hypnopompic state. We often have strong visual images lingering from our dreams during this period. Therefore, this period can help us generate more creative ideas.

Have you chanced upon any other methods to improve your creativity? Share with us in the comments section.