7 Social Media Strategy Mistakes To Avoid

7 Social Media Strategy Mistakes To Avoid

Many common social media strategy mistakes seem harmless, but their effects on your brand can be far-reaching. When it comes to social media strategy, much of the information available focuses on tips, tricks, trends, and a lot of ‘do’s.’ However, there are just as much don’ts as there are do’s.

Here are 7 common social media strategy mistakes you should avoid:

1. Buying followers and likes

You must be aware by now that it is possible to buy a bunch of followers as well as likes for certain social media platforms. It’s a terrible idea. Nevertheless, many people still use it as a widely accepted practice. The acquisition of legions of followers is, of course, a tempting idea to boost your brand. However, at the end of the day, those are empty numbers.
Those kinds of followers couldn’t be bothered what you are saying online, and therefore, the quality of your followers will inevitably go down. The real impact of your social media pages and posts will quickly follow suit. It is a lose-lose social media strategy.

2. Like-baiting

Provocative and controversial headlines might stir up likes and clicks, but at the end of the day, your audience will begin to see right through it. In fact, social media platforms like Facebook have recently initiated ways to control click baits and like baiting.
This kind of social media strategy borders on spam and will likely hurt your brand over the long term. Your audience will soon realize that your content does not provide any new or insightful information and throw you into the “ignore” list.

3. Not paying attention to social media ROI

A lot of time and effort goes into the planning, research, and execution of a social media strategy. While social media is a relatively inexpensive marketing channel, you still need to evaluate your total efforts against the gains accrued. Therefore, you must ensure that you measure your ROI so as to know if you are losing money. You’ll want to make sure the money adds up and know if you need to make adjustments.

4. Too much posting

Followers stay on your page because they like you or your products and services. Therefore, they will stay plugged in and engaged. However, they followers are also vulnerable to ‘post-fatigue.’ You may have a lot to share with your audience but at the same time risk bombarding them with too many posts.
Spamming your followers’ feed is a sure way to lose them. It is difficult to estimate or measure what defines spamming. However, several online tools can help you stay in the safe zone when it comes to potentially spamming your followers.

5. Deleting negative comments

It may seem counterproductive to keep the negative comments on your social media pages, but it could turn out in your favor. By publicly addressing a problem, you look good to other followers. Also, it may give you an opportunity to address a specific issue in your business that you would perhaps have never found out.
There will always be an unhappy customer, and you may want to grab the chance to make them happy. However, abusive, hateful, or threatening comments have to go.

6. Not keeping up to speed with the changes

You must constantly keep abreast with all the social media changes. Some of them happen overnight and might render your social media strategy inapplicable. Make a point to not only get up to speed but to also stay there. It might seem like a herculean task given the speed and magnitude of changes, but it is worth every minute you put out for it.

7.Not having a social media strategy at all

This is the biggest goof as far social media marketing is concerned. A social media presence is no longer optional. In fact, in some cases, it could be the only contact you will have with your customers. Therefore, don’t blindingly hop into social media and hope to succeed. Take the time to develop the right social media strategy for your business.
What other social media strategy pitfalls should businesses look out for? Share with us in the comments section.