7 Food Habits That Increase Your Anxiety

You wouldn’t pour more fuel on a fire that you want to put out, would you? Anxiety is not the most exciting condition, and no one would do anything to aggravate the situation. However, certain habits or foods can increase your anxiety, and you’ll do well to avoid or properly manage them.

You may not realize it but these 7 food habits that are going to increase your anxiety levels:

1. Refined grains

Together with other white foods, they contain a lot of preservatives, sugar, and unhealthy fats. And to make matters worse, nearly all the natural minerals and vitamins have been removed from the flour during baking and processing. Refined grains are pretty much refined pieces of bread and cookies that are guaranteed to increase your anxiety levels. As you much your next snack, don’t be too surprised if you find yourself even more anxious than you were before your first bite.

2. Salt

When you are suffering from increased levels of anxiety, you’ll want to have your blood pressure down. If you wolf down a salty snack, you are piling pressure on your heart, and it will have to work extra hard. This means that you will get more anxious as your body produces more adrenalin to match these requirements.

3. Skipping breakfast, and any other meals

Skipping meals, and particularly breakfast, will have your anxiety levels northbound. Here is how it works; your blood sugar levels drop, you become more irritable, and your anxiety levels go up. Haven’t you heard? A hungry man is an angry man.

Also, avoid taking in too many carbs. To keep your blood sugar levels stable, take in more protein than carbs. You don’t want the blood sugar levels to shoot too high as that can also cause tension and anxiety.

4. Fried and highly processed foods

This also includes dairy products and sweet desserts, which only serve to increase your anxiety levels. These foods are so appealing to the eye and the taste buds. In fact, they always seem to scream at you, “take me, you know you want me …slurp!”

These foods rough up your blood sugar levels because of the chemicals. Instead, eat more whole foods such as nuts, fruits, fish, and vegetables if you do not want to increase your anxiety levels.

5. Sugar

The body needs glucose to function. Sugar is almost everywhere, in milk, fruits, and even some vegetables. The problem is that we like to pile onto the already existing sources of sugar. Blood sugar spikes will increase your anxiety levels, and you’ll do well to cut down on added sugars.

6. Alcohol

This is quite surprising, huh? We like to think that alcohol lifts our moods and keeps anxiety held back. However, the good mood and relative ‘calmness’ are just a passing phase. When you are feeling anxious, do not take in alcohol. It will only increase your anxiety levels because of the loss of natural inhibitions.

7. Coffee

This is the world’s most popular short-term energy booster. Other than being a stimulant, coffee also has an adverse effect on the brain. It suppresses the production of serotonin, a hormone that helps to keep you relaxed and calm. The stimulation also ensures that your anxiety levels are always on a high.

What other habits increase your anxiety levels? Share with us in the comments section.