7 Conversation Starters That Will Make You Instantly Interesting

Many people would rather keep away from small talk and not deal with all the potential awkwardness. However, small talk is one of the most common ways to connect with people. If you constantly struggle to make small talk, your conversation starters could be killing the chat even before it takes off.

We’ve got you covered. These 12 conversation starters will instantly put a sparkle in your eyes:

1. Say it with a smile

It is nearly impossible to not like someone who flashes a warm and genuine smile at you. A proper and genuine smile will always disarm any defenses, boost your likeability, and start off the conversation on a positive note.

Smile with your entire face, including your eyes, every time you meet with colleagues or clients and carefully observe their reaction. They are likely to warm up to you even before they hear what you have to say.

2. Offer to help them

This is a classic one. Offering to help someone is always an excellent way to grab someone’s attention. They will usually be relieved, especially if they were clearly struggling or were overwhelmed. It may be something simple as holding something for them or even taking a little load off of their hands.

However, don’t come across as creepy and pile onto their already existing stress. Even a helping hand can be rejected if you come across as a weirdo.

3. Make a bet

Walk up to them in confidence and announce that you needle to settle a bet between you and your friend. Request them to help you win the bet. Think of a ridiculously odd and obvious bet. Tell them that the bet involves making you smile or going back to the table with their phone number, even if it’s fake.

In fact, go ahead and ask them to write down a fake phone number for you. This ought to instantly make you weird and humorous in an interesting way. And please keep the number. It might be a real one.

4. Blow their minds

Trivia, facts and riddles are not only fascinating and enjoyable, but also help to keep a conversation flowing for an extended period of time. Throw in a trivia question or mind-blowing statistic. Ask them what they think and you will immediately have yourself an interesting conversation that could go in all sorts of directions. They’ll not only be thinking about the trivia or riddle long afterwards but you as well.

5. Make them your accomplice

When you are waiting in line at the checkout or the post office, ask them if they want to go rogue and start another queue altogether to keep things moving. You will look dumb but also hilarious and interesting at the same time. If they do not laugh out loud, they will, at the very least start conversing.

6. Disarm them with your vulnerability

One of the smoothest conversation starters is when you make yourself vulnerable. It immediately makes the other person more comfortable and compels them to try and comfort you. At a party, try telling someone, “I don’t know anybody in here apart from the host. Its so hard to talk to total strangers, right?” People are more likely to connect with you if you appear authentic and real.

7. Repeat what they just said

In case you are too shy or don’t know what to say, being an empathetic listener will make you instantly interesting. When the other person feels validated and accepted, they are likely to want to spend more time with you. Of course you are not going to repeat what they said word for word. That would be creepy and kill the conversation.

These 7 tips will make you more interesting and ensure that you never break a sweat when making small talk.

Do you have any other interesting conversation starters? Share with us in the comments section.