Here Are 7 Careers That Don’t Require A Traditional Office

Somewhere along the line, the idea that career success involves putting on a suit and tie and sitting on a desk drummed into us. Offices are outdated, and frankly, overrated as far as productivity is concerned. We now have full careers that don’t require a traditional office.

The labor market is shifting towards non-traditional office schedules and working hours. Freelance and consulting jobs are putting pressure on many organizations to reconsider their traditional working schedules.

Here are 7 such careers that don’t require a traditional office:

1. Event Planner

As an event planner, your office is pretty much the venue of the event you are helping to set up. You simply show up and plonk your bag or set of tools and equipment and operate from that particular location. However, for other events such as weddings, most of your work will be done remotely and in the field. Your ‘office’ will keep shifting with each new gig. In fact, all you need is great PR and people who attend your events will actually be visiting a display of your products and services.

2. Beach Lifeguard

If you hate the cubicle life and also happen to have excellent swimming and lifeguard skills, head down to the coast. You’ll get to spend a lot of time outside and especially if you love the beach. And, you’ll have an abundant supply of vitamin D.

3. Realtor

A real estate agent almost never has a regular work routine when it comes to their job. They are usually out there hustling and selling homes or showing potential clients around. Realtors often work with their client’s schedules, which rarely fit into the traditional working hours. They may be required to work in the evenings as well as weekends. This is one of the most prominent careers that don’t require a traditional office.

4. Airline pilot

As a commercial pilot, you will get the chance to exchange the traditional cubicle life for a life of hangars and hotels. Technically, you will have to stay in the same place (the cockpit) for hours during flights. However, it is quite different from staying in one office. The sky is your office!

5. Personal chef

Even if you are a restaurant chef, you don’t require an office. You can take care of all your operations from the kitchen and use the dining table during off-hours for any office needs. Also, many affluent families and even individuals have personal chefs who come to their houses and premises. Therefore, as a personal chef, you can take care of all their needs without having a traditional brick and mortar location.

6. Travel Blogger

With this kind of career, the world is your office. You will have to travel and experience some of those sites that you will need to write about. This means that you will require your camera and laptop more than you will need a physical office. In fact, blogging of any kind is one the careers that don’t require a traditional office.

7. Professional nurse

Medical care does not have specific hours. It is an on-demand service and one of the most common careers that don’t require a traditional office. If you enjoy caring for people, and you are a certified nurse, a nursing job is right for you. You simply set up shop wherever your patients are located.

People don’t necessarily require a traditional bricks-and-mortar headquarters for their work anymore. They can work remotely and still have fully established careers that don’t require a traditional office.

What are other careers that don’t require a traditional office? Share with us in the comments section.