These 5 Things Could Easily Lead to Depression

Depression may seem like a scary demon that everyone dreads but is also a real and fairly common health problem. Many people are dealing with depression and do not know how to deal with it. Therefore, it is slowly eating away at them. When it comes to overcoming depression, it is much easier to avoid the things that lead to depression than to try and deal with it.

We live in a world where instant gratification and glamor is on our priority list. Everyone wants a great and successful life but having it rubbed in our faces on Instagram and Facebook does not exactly help the situation. In fact, many studies have linked social media with the rising rates of depression among Millenials.

This does not mean you should entirely stay away from social media. It offers a great platform for social interactions and discovering products and services. There are also other habits that when consistently practiced, can also lead to depression.

Here are 5 such habits:

1. Setting unreasonable goals

Setting goals is a good thing. In fact, the more audacious and challenging the goals, the more exciting their pursuit is likely to be. However, there’s a thin line between big goals and reality. Setting high goals and achieving them can bring about a great deal of satisfaction and happiness in your life.

When you cross over from challenging goals to unreasonable and attainable ones, you are setting yourself up for personal disappointment and depression. That state of affairs is more likely to lead to depression. People become depressed when they do not know how to deal with failure, especially recurring failure. This, of course, happens when they set goals that are not within their reach.

2. Abusive relationships

Relationship abuse can come in the form of verbal, emotional, psychological, and physical abuse. Reports show that domestic abuse particularly leads to depression. The link between abuse and depression is complex, but psychologists conclude that they have similar symptoms.

If you notice any signs of abuse in your relationship, consult an expert or file a report against them. Many people cry out for help when it is already too late. Abuse in a relationship can cause a lot of damage that can last a lifetime.

3. Refusing to grow up

To a considerable extent, depression among Millenials can be blamed on their parents. Growing up means handling real life responsibilities on your own. For many people, and especially Millenials, are still tied to their parents through the apron strings.

Teaching and learning independence at a young age can help you become more resilient and also get a grip on other habits that are likely to lead to depression.

4. Drugs

Depression and drug abuse are not strange bedfellows. Recreational drugs such as cannabis and cocaine are known to lead to depression. However, other medical drugs have also been linked to depression. Some seemingly innocuous medical drugs also come with side effects that may lead to depression. Therefore, natural remedies may be a better option for such some conditions.

5. Comparing yourself to others

Perpetual over-exposure to some of the unrealistic portrayals of life can also lead to depression. Seemingly successful people can use flashy material things to portray a glamorous life that can leave you with feelings of inadequacy and insignificance. As soon as you begin to feel unsuccessful in the eyes of the world, depression is almost inevitable.

What other things are certain to lead to depression? Share with us in the comments section.