4 Weird Things That Will Happen Right After You Hand In A Formal Resignation

Congratulations! You’ve just landed a shiny new job offer. Now all you need to do is figure out a way to break your employer’s heart and let them know that its over. You’ll be moving on and therefore, you are officially handing in a formal resignation.

After delivering the bad news of your departure, you still have a few more weeks ahead of you. Those last few weeks can particularly be weird. Unexpected things will begin to happen, both positive and negative.

Here are a few bizarre things that will happen when you hand in a formal resignation:

1. You suddenly become more pumped up about your job

The chances are that if you are getting ready to quit your job, you’ve probably had just about enough. Dealing with the same products, people, and issues can get a little stale. Therefore, your motivation levels can drop over time and you can feel a little apathetic about your work. You probably cannot wait for that fresh challenge.

However, something funny usually happens right after you hand in official resignation. Suddenly, you get a fresh burst of motivation, in the same way, you did when you first started out. You jump at the first opportunity to go the extra mile and do not mind staying late. You get so pumped to finally finish up that project that’s been hanging for months.

This weird sense of renewed motivation probably stems from a desire to leave on a good note. Additionally, you’d rather have your co-workers sing praises of you when you leave for your next workstation. Embrace this newfound enthusiasm for as long as it lasts and also take it with you to your next job.

2. You hear from people you’ve never talked to

As soon as you drop the bombshell of your departure, your inbox will start flashing with messages of congratulations and farewell wishes. Some of them will express surprise and perhaps a little sadness that you are leaving.

However, the most interesting messages will come from co-workers that you’ve never really interacted with. They will tell you how they admired your work on a particular project or your contribution on a certain training. In a nutshell, your colleagues will think you are great.

Coworkers tend to forget to share positive feedback with their colleagues. When someone quits their job, it triggers an influx of positive words and meaningful compliments. This can be quite humbling, especially if you never had an idea that you made an impression on the people around you. Take some time to reflect on those messages and forward them to your personal email. They may come in handy when you need a confidence boost down the road.

3. You get a burst of nostalgia

As soon as you hand in your official resignation, your job suddenly takes on a beautiful rose-colored appearance. Suddenly, it hits you that you will actually miss your colleagues, those staff meetings, and the highs and lows of your work. The thought of never being around those four walls again will make you feel a little sad.

This is entirely normal unless of course, you had a completely miserable job and the organization was utterly awful. Even if it the best move for you and your career, you are still going to feel a gush of emotions about leaving. Enjoy your last few weeks and let your colleagues know how much you enjoyed working with them.

4. Your closest colleagues act distant

Your coworkers may give you a bit of a cold shoulder as soon as you break the news of your departure. This is not uncommon, and you may even stop getting invitations to happy hour or any other activities. These people had become your friends and therefore, they are likely not to take the news in stride.

This is not entirely your fault. Coworkers may struggle to deal with your resignation and even hurt that you did not share your exit plans well in advance. These are perfectly normal reactions, especially of you had a close working relationship. Hopefully, they’ll come around and be supportive.

Enjoy your last few moments and make a deliberate effort to leave on a positive note. Ignore the rude and back-handed comments. You’ll soon start an awesome new job!

What other weird things happen as soon as you announce your departure? Share with us in the comments section.