4 Tips On How To Upgrade Your Work Presence

Within vibrant and competitive industries, it is absolutely critical to have specific skills and competencies that set us apart from the crowd. These skills will also help us to evolve accordingly as well as become more innovative. Particularly when it comes to presentations, Power Point is great but totally predictable in most professional settings. Therefore, they will add zero value when it comes to any efforts to upgrade your work presence.

It is not uncommon to attend a work-related conference and one of the speakers run you through their slides one by one. Not only is this too predictable but also plain boring. No one will even remember what you said during the tea break. While Power Point is usually ideal for many professionals, there are other adventurous recommendations worth considering.

Are you looking to upgrade your work presence during presentations? Here are four ideas, depending on your industry of course:

1. Know your group

When presenting to a small group of people like, say, less than ten, you may want to consider a more intricate presentation. You can even consider delivering your message in through an iPad or any mobile-friendly format to create an impression.

Additionally, with a smaller group, you could get to learn a little bit about each of them and structure the presentation accordingly. Walk confidently into the room and show why you are the right person to be delivering the presentation. Use graphs and picturesque illustrations to demonstrate your credibility, creativity and passion for your work.

2. Poll your audience

Throwing in a dose of democracy can help stir up your audience and keep them engaged. If you are presenting to a hard-to-please group, make use of polling technology like sli.do. This will allow the audience to anonymously vote for the questions you have designed for them. You could also activate a live Q&A and the audience can write in any questions.

This can be incredibly useful in helping you to stand out especially when the audience has to go through several presentations consecutively. It can help to have something different and also keep you audience engaged.

3. Drop the Power Point

The sad truth is that, everyone out there is using Power Point. You have probably already noticed this by now. Skip the Power Point for something more technologically advanced and or digitally appealing. Prezi is a user-friendly but also a dynamic alternative with numerous creative templates to chose from. Startle your audience with the aesthetic appeal and creative approach to the presentation. You will come off as quite innovative, organized and confident.

4. Avoid the common mistakes

A few classic traits give Power Points a hard time as well as a bad name. They include spelling errors, too many bullets, too few diagrams, and too much information. Despite how talented you are as a presenter, these typical mistakes will certainly water down your presentation.

This is indeed the most important aspect of a presentation to remember, even if you decide to stick to the good old Power Point presentation. At the very least, it has to be correct and organized to give you an edge.

In a nutshell, the use of technology can go a long way as far as your efforts to upgrade your work presence are concerned. It will make the presentation more interesting and save the audience from fatal boredom.

Do you have any more ideas? Share with us in the comments section.