3 Tips For Going Green In Your Office

There are many ways you can have an environmentally friendly place of work. Some of the ways are quite easy and simple to execute since you can do them all on your own while others will involve your squad and the support of your colleagues. One of the hardest tasks is one that requires changing the guidelines and attitudes of your organization towards external environmental issues.

Taking care of the environment and going green is not one of the easiest tasks to execute. It requires a fundamental change in some of the habits and routines and therefore, many people shrink away. All you need to remember is that achieving any goal in life is never easy. You need a lot of deliberate effort, good strategies, and a solid commitment.

There isn’t any easy road, and even after doing your best perhaps, you can still do a bit more. Here are some useful approaches to keep away the harm that we are causing to our nature.

1. Reduce energy usage

This is a common statement but one that is often ignored and almost never executed. Turn off all those gadgets or appliances that you aren’t using. This includes the coffee making equipment and the extra lights in restroom among others. Try to use stairs instead of using elevators, especially if it is only a few floors up. You could use a bicycle for going to work and just avoid any additional energy consumption. Carpooling, for instance, can reduce the use of petrol or gasoline. As simple as it sounds, it is the one environmental advice that if heeded would have tremendous effects on the environment.

2. Use the same water bottle

Take your bottle of water everywhere, in your car, at the desk, at lunch, and also to your business meetings. Don’t worry about what people would think; they probably won’t notice. Also, don’t worry if people think that you are some sort of “environmental bore.” Just tell them that you are proud of what you are doing for the planet. In fact, if you will be persistent, you will quickly notice that more of your colleagues will follow suit.

3. Ban all plastic cups

An enormous amount of plastic is wasted because people never use those same cups again. You could start by taking your mug with you and probably reuse it at home or elsewhere. Plastic containers and materials comprise a great deal of waste, and therefore, they have an adverse impact on the environment. Your office can help cut off the use of extra plastics by reusing or avoiding them altogether.

In just a few easy steps, you can bring positive impact to your environment and also portray yourself as an environmental leader. Being a leader doesn’t always mean that you’re better than everybody else, but it means you become an example and role model that other people can actually rely upon. All you need is just to start, and it does not matter if you start simple or small. Just set things rolling and you will soon see the difference.

Do you have some more creative ways to help your organization go green? Share with us in the comments