3 Selfish Actions That Will Make Your Life Happier

From a very young, we are taught to become selfless, to think about other people’s feelings before your own. Everyone loves selfless people; it’s always a delight to have them around as they can make other people’s lives a bit easier.

The big question, however, is: are all those selfless people happy too? Well, a few of them certainly are but not all of them. It’s not like there isn’t any good in helping out other people, especially those close to our heart. They deserve the best possible treatment. But, there should be some limit on the amount of selflessness.

If you are unable to say no and are constantly worried about what the other people will have to say, then you will not be successful. In fact, you won’t be happy. Everyone has dreams which should be on the top of their priorities list.

Toss out the negativity and focus a little more on yourself. Here are three most important aspects of your life that should be on your priority list:

1. Be selfish about your body

The body is one key aspect of everyone’s life. It is something we live with until the last day of our lives. The state of your body determines how active you are and what amount of energy you have to attain your goals.

How can we become a little more selfish about our body?

You should be conscious about what you eat. You don’t have to wipe your plate clean if you are already full. Do not stuff your stomach with sugary drinks and greasy snacks. Buy foodstuffs with natural ingredients; try to cook a meal for yourself so that you know what you are eating. Don’t look at yourself as a trash can and keep the junk away from you. Keep your body healthy and fit and add a little exercising in the routine of your life.

2. Play the selfish card on people nearby

The people around you are a great reflection of yourself. Don’t waste your time and energy on anyone that brings you down. You must have heard this statement on a lot of occasions, but it’s extremely important to have a positive environment around you if you desire happiness. Don’t hang around those people who’re almost always complaining about everything and who don’t aim to make themselves better, much less be bothered with you or your struggles. You may need to cut off such people completely from your life.

3. Try to be selfish while buying things for yourself

The material things around us are just like the people around us. They also influence us in the way that we act and also feel. Do the things you currently posses help to live a live a happy life or did you just buy them to keep up with some ridiculous trends? Sometimes, we buy things so that we can fit into some kind of social class or ideals. Be conscious about the things you buy.

Selfishness is usually abhorred, but when it comes to your happiness, you’ll have to exercise a bit of it if, especially if you are looking to live a life of joy.

What other selfish actions have you undertaken to take control of your happiness? Share with us in the comments section.