3 Reasons Why Positivity Makes A Difference In Life

If you googled “how to stay positive”, you would come across almost one billion answers for those keywords. If you googled “how to actually think positive” you would get roughly half the quantity of links for those keywords. The point? Positivity makes a world of a difference, especially when practically applied.
Here are some practical steps we all can adopt whatever the conditions are.

1. Stay real to yourself

You have heard this statement more than once; “Be yourself.” Some writers and motivation speakers will advise us to think positively; bloggers will tell us to surround ourselves with some positive people. They are not wrong. But staying real and true to ourselves is one of the one best ways to make your thinking positive.

When we are fake and portraying ourselves to be anything we are not, there is no positivity, and we are lying to ourselves. It does not feel good at all and actually leads towards negative self-talk.

On the other side of the coin, when we stay real to ourselves there is nothing that we could hide or feel sorry about. There isn’t nothing to feel “immoral” or “false”, or even, anything to feel insecure or terrible about. Staying real to ourselves actually demonstrates to others where we stand. It shows them the things we will bear and the ones we will not.

2. Write down your dreams and goals

Life is just happening 24/7, whether you realize it or not. Any setbacks, losses, and disappointments which occur within these twenty-four hours can overwhelm us.
It is easy to get trapped in your past and concentrate more on the awful experiences that you face. This is why you ought to write your goals down:

To keep you focused on your future.
To constantly remind you of the things you are working towards.
To keep you focused on all the right things.
To keep you focused on all positive results that you are working towards.
To reinforce your focus.
Focus is one valuable part of staying positive. What we concentrated on will directly affect how much positive or less positive we become. Focus on your goals, aims, dreams, and your future by writing them down. Make a conscious effort to avoid being distracted and to shake off all the negativity around you.

3. Stay true to your word

By being true to your word will definitely make you more positive. If we continuously make promises, claims, vows and pacts that are just never fulfilled, then we lose respect. Not only will we lose the respect from others but lose respect for ourselves. And when we lose the respect for ourselves we won’t like ourselves that much. We will then become more negative and critical of ourselves, and suddenly, the world will become dark and gloomy. We will struggle to find any positivity in our lives and the circumstances that surround us.

The truth of the matter is, positivity can never be automatic and rarely flows into our lives on its own. You will always have to make a conscious effort to stay positive. When the waves of negativity and despair rise, we must decide NOT to get on board.

Share with us some positive vibes and how you manage to stay positive throughout the day.