3 Manly Things That Ruin The Kind Of Attraction Women Crave

If there were one thing that would guarantee the 100% attraction women crave, it would have to be sexual tension. Of course, every woman has their little checklist, but this would sit right up there with the rest of the items, if not the main one.

Oh well, it’s a sexualized world and surprisingly, women also love it when the whole attraction game is just oozing with the promise of sex. This is sort of instinctive. Well, we don’t have the details but every woman reading this article is furiously nodding her head.

The problem? Men are such bozos when it comes to creating the kind of attraction women crave. We are talking east and west, night and day, and black and white kind of ability. The good news is that men were not so bad at this about five decades ago. There’s hope, especially if you can overcome these three things:

1. Bad/inaccurate information:

The irony of the day is that; there seems to be more information out there about how to attract women than there was about five decades ago. However, more men struggle with the attraction game. The problem? Bad information! Most of the information is gathered by men and is mostly fluff. As a man, you are better off getting this advice from the horse’s mouth. It is baffling how men still want to believe the jockey or rider who simply has to hop onto the horse and ride.

2.Tech dating:

These are the days in which, at our ‘instructions’, hundreds of women’s photos are instantly delivered to our smartphones. We simply have to swipe or click, and we are immediately connected. Requests for ‘hook ups’ then follow in earnest. This is our idea of flirting these days. Whatever happened to the days of anxiety for that first phone call, our minds racing with all the possibilities? We don’t see a lot of these scenarios today. I mean, who wants to wait around when there are too many other ‘hook ups’ knocking.

3. Porn:

The typical, and presumptuous, male fantasy is that; all women are some kind of nymphomaniacs that are always ready to get their freak on. Nearly all porn produced for male consumption carries around this crazy idea. However, this in NOT how the female fantasy looks like, not nearly as much. Feeding on a regular diet of porn will certainly skew your perceptions of the kind of attraction women crave.

If, for some bizarre reason, you forge on with your consumption of porn, just know that it’s not the real thing. Whatever ‘skills’ you think you are gathering will be utterly useless with women in the real world.

The kind of attraction women crave is when a man alludes to having a serious interest rather than make proclamations from the get go. Women have an incredibly powerful imagination and therefore, men should, at the very least, give them a chance to use it up. A lot may have changed in the social scene, but the attraction game has seen little modifications.

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